My Name is Muhammad Waqas Qamar. My Nickname is "Vicky." I am a 22 years old guy, I basically belong to Jhang, but currently, I live in Faisalabad, Pakistan. My Native LANGUAGE IS Urdu, but I can understand, speak and write English. I love Urdu and respect all other languages of the world including Urdu and English. By profession, I am a student of the computer as well as a teacher of the computer. I am not a higher educated person, but I still struggle for a living and learning new things to inspire others. 

About Site

The site you're visiting right now was created in 2019. The main cause of this site is to provide quality computer and advance internet education to everyone in local languages along with easy English. In Pakistan, there are a lot of needy people who need some guidance about the internet and computer.

This site is to support those who can not go to institutions for getting computer education. They can be benefited by this site regularly. You will learn here Basic the computer courses, Photoshop, SEO, Google Adsense, Blogger, WordPress, and other related things.
Your participation in this site will be appreciated, and your cooperation will be highly loved. All the computer courses will be thought absolutely free. Our goal is to make some difference in the world where we live without increasing knowledge.

So now it is time to learn something and share something with everyone. Moreover, We have a computer institute in Jhang named "SoftMedia Technology," and this institute has many facilities such as online training, Physical computer training and whoever will complete an online computer course he/she will be given a certificate and certificate will be sent on their postal address.

We want to create a huge community in all over Pakistan which will provide computer training everywhere in Pakistan especially in rural areas.