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This site is a free source of learning computer courses in Urdu at home with HD video tutorials being published from my youtube channel. Everything on this site is my own and has copyrights. I make video tutorials in Urdu, write text in Inpage and make it picture and then upload it to my website. I also write an English article on my website: www.SoftMediaTech.Net. Also, I share reviews on different freeware & shareware software and put downloading links here to their respective sites where the software are shared with the world. However, I don't host any file or software at www.Blogger.com where my blog is hosted. I don't redirect my users to unwanted sites or broken links. I share everything clear and fresh. The downloading links on this site are just for better serve our readers and visitors. But I am not responsible for any harm done by someone else.

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I respect all the copyrights laws, all the webmasters, all the companies and all organizations based on the web. I hope you will find this website very useful and helpful. However, if you see anything wrong on this website or you have any issue regarding copyrights or anything else while browsing this site then kindly let me know by sending an email to Muhammad@SoftMediaTech.Net, you will be replied shortly.